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Fresh Fruit

Seasonally Fresh Fruits & Natural Ingredients  (Just the Real – No Fakes, No Concentrates).

Welcome to Yi Fang: A Premier Experience

Far from generic, a Yi Fang experience is established in the love of traditional Taiwanese recipes & the pride of techniques passed down from generations. Culminating into unique handcrafted teas & beverages that you may be familiar with but have never truly experienced. Come in and let us treat you to a taste of Taiwan, an exceptional beverage the way fruit & bubble teas should be.


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Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte

Decadent Milk Tea with Sweet Brown Sugar

Black Tea Latte

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea with milk

Grass Jelly Tea

Taiwan Guanshi Mesona herb extract with Winter Melon Juice

Yi Fang Tea

Pineapple, passion fruit, apple sliced, orange sliced mixed with Jade Tea

Roselle Lemonade

Taiwan Jinfeng Roselle juice with fresh lemon slice

Aiyu Jelly Lemon Green Tea

Fresh squeezed lemon juice, green tea, and Aiyu Jelly

What is Yi Fang?

My grandmother, Yi Fang, married to a young farmer. For three generations, our family has been planting pineapples for a living.

Bending down and working hard all day long, that was their life in miniature.

With an epiphany, grandma braised the overripe

golden pineapples into homemade jam. Our most sought out drink, Yi fang Fruit Tea, inherited not only grandma’s name, but also her secret recipe. We have put the early-Taiwan epitome, historic memories and warm hospitality in this one cup of drink — using home-made organic cane sugar, seasonal fresh

fruits, natural ingredients (zero concentrated juice and powders. In every sip, you can taste the freshness of the tea and sweetness of the fruits, recreating the authentic and classic Taiwanese flavor all over again.

We are not your typical bubble tea shop. Experience the old-fashioned Taiwanese premium tea made with love & real ingredients


“This Taiwanese tea is so popular in London that it’s only sold twice a day and is limited to 1 per person.”

Business Insider

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea opens in Berkeley


“Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea opens in Berkeley”

ABC News

Hot Ginger Lemon Tea

N. Chhatrala ( Google Maps )
Got the Yifang fruit tea and the hot ginger lemon tea and both were great


Pei-Jung Chen ( Google Maps )
Fresh fruit tea is great!👍

Best boba around!

Davis Ng ( Google Maps )
best boba around. Better than purple kow, ucha, gongcha and wven sharetea!


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Friday-Saturday 12PM to 10PM


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